BoA Credit Card

You could look at all the card offerings of Bank of America and what you should quickly realize is that they are a very boring bunch when it comes to trying to put together an interesting card product. The BoA Credit Card-Cash Rewards is no exception to that idea either. Perhaps they are trying too hard to not be the same as everyone else that they are just leaving out everything that makes everyone else more interesting than they are. We're really not sure what it is, but we are sure that they are always going to roll out another boring card after another every year. For some reason, this time with the BoA Credit Card-Cash Rewards, people were all excited for it as though there have been some major changes made.

Let's take a look and see what we will find about the BoA Credit Card-Cash Rewards that is so very interesting. People happen to be super excited for the $100 cash rewards bonus that you get. What they don’t seem to want to talk about is the fact it will take you three months before you see that money. Also, that would be only if you have used your BoA Credit Card-Cash Rewards to purchase up to $500 by that time. They won't say on their site, but we get the feeling that the $500 might need to be specific type of purchases and not just any purchases you make with the card.


The other big deal seems to be that you are getting 2% cash returned on grocery store purchases and 3% for gasoline all on the first $1,500 combined grocery and gas bill of every quarter. This is actually a little interesting just because it's not a one time deal. It’s every single quarter instead. When you calculate the amount of cash back you’d receive, you will see it will most likely never get to even be a $50 cash return for every three months at all. In fact, by the time you receive that money back to your account you might not even notice because it will be that small. Don't get us wrong, now, every little does help and can go a long way. That money you save every quarter could contribute to something very useful and fun.

There is also 1% cash return that you earn for purchases everywhere else and of course the zero APR for the first year is actually the best part of all. The thing with the zero APR is that it's so common now that almost every Bank of America card will have that as well as most bank cards around the nation as well. Perhaps another part that is the best is that at least the rewards you can gain aren't going to ever expire on you. You can keep and grow your points as long as you like and use them only on rewards programs that you want just because they won't expire. In the end, the BoA Credit Card-Cash Rewards is really just about as boring and simple as most other cards are that are presented by Bank of America.